“The Curse of the Sickled Hand” is an introductory adventure designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Intended to challenge four 3rd level characters, this adventure is especially designed for the novice GM, with game mastering tips and handy side bar references to help make it easier to run.

The adventure takes place in the wilderness south of Gafolweed, a rural village in the typical fantasy world. Ideally, the PCs are new characters, either natives of the surrounding countryside or heroic youths from a nearby town. If you played Fangs from the Past, you’ll find familiar NPCs and locations in this adventure. This product also includes an appendix detailing a type of kobold known as coblynau, a new monster featured in this adventure.

Author: Mario Barbati

Curse of the Sickled Hand features:

  • All-star team: Mario Barbati, Tim Hitchcock, Roberto Pitturru
  • Beginner adventure for character levels 3-4
  • Six battlemaps for miniature gaming
  • Three handouts
  • Eleven pawns including coblynau, skeletons and the featured villain, Vraklin the coblynau necromancer
  • New monster: the coblynau, (dog faced kobolds!)

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion: Cari Most