A Mysterious Tower of Ice Waiting to be Explored!

Across the hostile waters of The Draining Sea lies a frozen island which is the location of the mysterious Tower of Ice. Legends tell of fabulous relics and riches hidden within this cold dark tower. The businessman and adventurer Skiller, requires the help of your heroes to explore the tower.

He has an old map which and believes that it depicts the Ice Tower sitting on an island. The surrounding water of the island is ice, but the island is composed of harder, glacial ice which the tower has been constructed from. Skiller is looking for a few hardy souls to accompany him to the Ice Tower. Are you with him?

Do your heroes take a chance of glory and riches or will danger await them in The Ice Tower!

Triple Ace Games is proud to present The Ice Tower. This module is the first official adventure for the highly acclaimed Savage Worlds setting Sundered Skies.

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion: Alan Neilson

Requirements: A Full or Ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds, the Savage Worlds ruleset.
Recommended:Sundered Skies setting and the Sundered Skies Figure Flats Token Pack.