WARNING: Game is in early access, before purchasing the game, make sure that you’ve read early access info above and you are willing to accept bugs/problems and changes that will occur during its development such as removing all user data. Thank you for understanding and possible support.

Faraway Islands is a top-down 2D survival game, set on randomly generated islands you can travel between and explore. Game contains classic survival mechanics like crafting based on combining, gathering resources and food, farming, hunting animals, building shelter and defending from enemies.

World To Explore

All islands are randomly generated, from its shape to number of crabs. At this point, all islands have the same resources and only differs by amounts and its size, but as new things will be added you will be forced to explore more of the world.

Find The Right Combinations

Big part of the game is crafting. To craft something you have to know or guess its combination of items in your inventory. Some items can be made by multiple ways. For alpha purposes most of items can be crafted easily, either from one or two items.

Claim Your Island

To ensure your safety from predators and enemies you can build your own shelter. The game has building menu where you can see all available blueprints. To build an object you have to create its construction site and then add necessary items to it.

The gameplay can be quite confusing at first, so I recommend to read this Basic Tutorial.

If you have any suggestions, found a bug or just have constructive feedback for me, please visit game’s Steam Forum and let me know.