As a ELITE Sponsor you not only help support our game development and growth, you also earn a monthly bonus in crystonian crystals and a one time gift of extra crystonian crystals as well.

What you receive as an ELITE Sponsor:

  • A one time gift of 750 crystals added to your account
  • +750 crystals instead of 50 crystals earned each month (700 crystals more each month to spend)
  • Exclusive access to special quests
  • Get placed in the sponsor list ranking
  • Get a sponsor tag and background when you post in chat

*This perk can only be purchased once per account and can NOT stack. All players also earn crystals through achievements, receive 25 crystals when they begin their game, plus receive 50 crystals each month regardless if they purchase sponsorship or not.

*Please Note Before You Purchase:

• You will get a key you can use in the game to unlock your access. To find your key simply right click the game icon in your steam library and select “View CD Key.” Go to the V.I.P shop in the game and submit your key there.

• You can only purchase this package once and it does not stack. If a refund is submitted, the opportunity to purchase this package will no longer be available and you will lose your sponsor access.