An assembled, linear version of the dynamic in-game music, heavily influenced by 16-bit sounds of the Super Nintendo. Featuring two versions of the music, as a “side A”: Serenity, a SNES-style symphonic mix, and “side B”: Chaos, a heavy electronic mix. The worlds are the same structure and duration, just viewed through the lens of a different Fate. The dynamic in-game music is comprised of up to 16 instrument channels, which change volume and form to evolve along with the players’ choices. Each track roughly marks a point in the game where another fate’s temple has been added to the world, highlighting the relationship between the different voices.

Track listing:
01. I. Void (Serenity) (01:25)
02. II. Civilization (Serenity) (02:50)
03. III. Waters (Serenity) (02:08)
04. IV. Forests (Serenity) (01:25)
05. V. Pestilence (Serenity) (01:04)
06. VI. Rebuild (Serenity) (02:08)
07. VII. Mountains (Serenity) (03:54)
08. VIII. Ice (Serenity) (04:15)
09. IX. Fire (Serenity) (02:51)
10. I. Void (Chaos) (01:25)
11. II. Civilization (Chaos) (02:50)
12. III. Waters (Chaos) (02:08)
13. IV. Forests (Chaos) (01:25)
14. V. Pestilence (Chaos) (01:04)
15. VI. Rebuild (Chaos) (02:08)
16. VII. Mountains (Chaos) (03:54)
17. VIII. Ice (Chaos) (04:15)
18. IX. Fire (Chaos) (02:51)
19. Fate Tectonics (01:07)