We are excited to bring you our first VR game for the VIVE. We built Cypress Inheritance: FILE 9 from the ground up for VR to give a fantastic VR experience. Playing as Lorna within FILE 9 you will experience intuitive controls, a variety of enemies, and we are also adding much more content within FILE 9 as well to give the user an even better experience within the game. Your reflexes and ability to stay calm will be tested under pressure but with patience and focus you can achieve success!

Alfred Cypress has several locations around the world that are always in danger of a security breach or being hacked into. This is due to what he has invented with energy sources as well as what he was currently working on. Because of these constant threats he has created a facility away from the main training underground facility and hangars, which are sub training areas. This particular area is known as FILE 9. Here, there are multiple programs which include ‘Transport Tunnel’, ‘Search and Defend’, ‘Infiltrate and Destroy’ and others. Each has specific event possibilities in order to help be prepared and also be able to overcome possible threats if needed.

Lorna, learning of her actual grandfather and of his recent disappearing, which comes as news of a huge level to her with the fact she has never known about him with her being adopted and not really knowing anything about her family. With the events that have followed since she has learned of this, she now knows she needs to take advantage of training as much as possible. With her being of the Cypress bloodline she is able to access FILE 9 and utilize each of these areas to be prepared.

Currently within the sub terminal where FILE 9 is located, there is one simulation that is available and is called Transport Tunnel Simulation. This is a wave based simulation which was the original release of the game. It is complete and finished as it was at release. The additional areas will have different experiences, environments and features to make each stand alone. The next one being open inside will be Simulation: “Infiltrate and Destroy”.

Game Play Features in, ‘Transport Tunnel’ Simulation within FILE 9:

Active VR Combat: You will have two Cypress Handguns. It will take both to defend your position.

You can maintain endurance by capturing the health packets by destroying the drones that carry them, then using the tractor beam to capture.

Use your tractor beam to capture temporary shields from certain drones that carry them after they are destroyed.

Enemy Drones: Not knowing they have been hacked, the security drones see you as a threat and now you have to maintain your position to stabilize the system to reset and be safe.

VR simulation structured in waves, with status reports available to monitor your progress.

We will be featuring more back story segments within FILE 9 as well on the Cypress Inheritance website, on the Official FILE 9 page:

Additionally we will have the 1st Novel in the Novel Series coming in late December 2016.