FLEETCOMM is a tactical squadron combat game overflowing with hardcore maneuvers and space-borne gunplay.


Set in 2115CE, 300 light years away from Earth, you will assume the role of an anonymous drone commander on a suicide mission to recapture an abandoned military space fortress named “Vigrior”. This anonymous commander doesn’t have much time to live; in 96 hours, a contagious nano-borne pathogen will spread through the commanders brain, becoming part of the Viral Legion. Assuming the role of the only military operator capable of fighting against the Viral Legion directly, you must thrust yourself in a 96 hour vigil and complete the suicide mission before you become a nexus of the enemy. As the sole survivor of Space Fortress Vigrior, with the only living ansible connection in enemy territory, you are charged with designing, training and executing battle maneuvers for an arsenal of space-borne combat drones.


This game presents an innovation in 2D action games; we introduce the ability to radically manipulate tactical maneuvers in real time. The game engine delivers a Fleet Codex, a real-time editing tool that allows you to create, experiment and design unique combat maneuvers. In essence, the Fleet Codex is a football playbook for squadron formations. Our games philosophy focuses on free-form combat and player driven experimentation.

FleetCOMM‘s unmistakable visual style, adrenaline charging soundtrack, and masochistic arena environment will have you push your tactical & visual dexterity to it’s heavenly limits.