The Digital Deluxe Content for FORCED gives you a unique look into the development of the game and also allows you to customize the look of your gladiator with
the Black Champion Armor.


  • FORCED Original Soundtrack – two entire albums with both the music that made it into the game and the stuff that was scrapped along the way
  • A 140-page(!) Art book showing you how the visual expression of FORCED developed over the 3 years it was developed
  • A 43-page strategy guide, giving you the edge a Gladiator needs to survive the brutal trials ahead
  • In-game skin; Black Champion armor

The Slightly Better Edition is a free update applied to the FORCED base game as well as the Digital Deluxe Edition, for the amazing product:
FORCED: Slightly Better Deluxe Edition

Note: To activate the Black Champion armor you will need to install the DLC, open the chat with Enter and write “/dark”
If you want to return to the normal look, write “/classic”
Have fun!