Stand out from the crowd with the new FortressCraft Skin Pack DLC – a collection of 10 community inspired skins for your player avatar, A.R.T.H.E.R. and the Spiderbot. Switch to your favorite skin any time through the new in game skin selector menu and show off your colors and easily identify your character from other network players with your own unique selection.

The skin pack contains 10 nostalgic and community driven sets:

  • Space Commander – Red, White and Blue because freedom is the right of all sentient beings.
  • My First Armor – Our first skin designed for the ladies.
  • Space Warrior – A suit specially designed to go hunting deep inside alien worlds.
  • Neon Line – Glow in the dark like a neon sign, watch out for the bugs though.
  • Optical Camo – There is something out there waiting for us…
  • Electro – A skin that looks quite shocking.
  • Magmavolt – Blend in with the deep and fiery magma caves.
  • Plasma – Imagine Aurora Borealis …in a suit!
  • End of Line – An outfit worthy of a great FortressCraft user.
  • Hologrammatic – Please state the nature of your emergency.

We hope you enjoy the skin pack and appreciate all of the community feedback getting it designed and made available. We couldn’t do it without your help and contributions!