FranknJohn is a head-smashing action RPG with rogue-like elements. Young FranknJohn is a failed experiment of a demented scientist, Dr Harmin. He wakes, with no memory, bursting from his grave, with a head that can only stay on his body with the help of a chain. FranknJohn is far from helpless however, as his flaw becomes his strength – he can swing his head wildly round to smash away the plethora of strange creatures that roam the house of horror..

Current Features

  • Smash enemies with FranknJohn’s weaponized head
  • Experiment with 15 different Skullcaps that alter gameplay in many different ways
  • Huge skill tree. Collect shiny Marbles and use them to upgrade your stats
  • Randomly generated adventure. A new experience with each new life
  • Local co-op – play with a friend!
  • Battle through the first area of the game, The Garden of Denial
  • Perma-death, challenging enemies and the spider Queen Sheela will test the sternest of players
  • Glorious soundtrack by Ben Prunty (FTL/Gravity Ghost)
  • Explore FrankJohn’s underground hideout

Planned Features

  • More areas – The Furnace of Anger, The Cistern of Depression and The Lab of Isolation
  • More variety, challenges and secrets – We have lot’s of fun stuff in store
  • More Skullcaps – these are so much fun to make we want to keep making them forever
  • More enemies – Each new area will have roughly the same amount of enemies currently available
  • More bosses – Dr. Harmins most prized creations are being readied for battle
  • More glorious soundtrack by Ben Prunty

Bug Fixing

  • We have put a lot of effort into making sure FranknJohn is as bug free as possible, however the game is in Early Access so it is unavoidable. We will do our best to squish them as soon as they present their ugly heads.


  • A game like this lives or dies on it’s balance, so expect a lot of tweaking to occur throughout Early Access.