**Once you purchase this package, Login FS2 and check your Gift box **

You can put +7 Attribute on these outfits! (shirts,pants and shoes)
Less attribute than Rare outfits, but cheaper to put an attribute on!

This package contains,

  • SAKUN Smile Cat Head
  • SAKUN Thunder Raglan Shirt
  • SAKUN Thunder Raglan Pants
  • SAKUN Thunder Raglan Black & Gold Shoes

Sakun – In 2000, Sakun a cultural brand of apparel was born in one of the doodles made the designer “designer Kun”.
It is a brand that is getting a lot of lasting love from a lot of celebrities and collectors, the amazing designs of the brand reinterprets itself into unique various cultures.
The SAKUN brand is now available in FreeStyle 2 Street basketball,
setting itself into this already cultural rich and diverse MMO experience with its trendy and unique outfits and designs.

Now you can express yourself even better by showing of your stylish street basketball moves while wearing while sporting those amazing threads.
SAKUN, a compound word of SA (meaning “to think”) + KUN (meaning “a group”), is a culture brand meaning a group of people with ideas.