Experience stunning 3D light effects in Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition!

A2A Simulations 3D Lights REDUX ™ casts light out into 3d space, creating stunning visuals and a more immersive flying experience.

In real life, it is always spectacular to watch an aircraft fly at night, with the glow emanating from strobes, beacons, and landing lights. Now the ‘3D Lights Redux’ ™ system brings this authentic experience into Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

3D Lights Redux ™ gives all core FSX aircraft an entirely new suite of lights and effects. With 3D Lights Redux, some landing lights have vintage bulbs (Douglas DC3 style), halogens, and even the latest Xenon lights. This package also adds an older style red beacon, smaller 2-pulse strobes, single bright strobes, and realistic navigation lights. There are also custom lights for aircraft like the Airbus A321 with the quad nose-gear mounted lights. The Boeing 747 gains a recreation of its classic twin headlamps and all aircraft receive an enhanced ambiance when these lights are operated.

Key Features

Over 40 new lighting effects including strobes, beacons, navigation, and runway lights

  • Fully-realized 3D landing lights which actually cast light into space
  • Vintage, halogen, and modern xenon lights included
  • Installs into all twenty-four core FSX:SE aircraft
  • Entirely new effects suite resulting in stunningly realistic night time environments