From the creators of the original FSX and Acceleration missions comes Air Alaska —the first release from TakeFlight Interactive. In this challenging, story-driven mission pack you will work your way up through the ranks of a quirky Alaskan air charter operation.

Leave the comforts of home behind and head north as you challenge the wilderness while flying over incredible terrain, facing unexpected emergencies, and making harrowing rescues.

As you take the controls in five challenging missions, you will experience FSX: Steam Edition like never before. Highly interactive, authentic, and educational gameplay combine with cinematics, music, AI aircraft, and custom scenery to transport you into the world of an Alaskan bush pilot.

Hauling people and freight as a rookie new hire, you will get to know your co-workers (including Rosie the gossiping dispatcher and Martin the grumpy bush flying veteran). You’ll learn the tricks of the trade and become part of the team … and ultimately the hero.

The only question that remains is this: Do you have what it takes to be a bush pilot?


  • Deep Interaction – Get feedback as you fly, learn how to make short field take-offs and landings from a professional flight instructor; over 350 lines of dialog included
  • A2A Cub Compatible – Designed for the A2A Simulations’ J-3 Cub with tundra tires (not required, but highly recommended)
  • Cinematic Experience – Cut scenes complete with music increase sense of beauty, danger and accomplishment
  • Custom Liveries – Air Alaska liveries for the default and A2A Cub included