Explore some of the most dramatic scenery on Earth with the latest action-packed mission add-on from First Class Simulations!

Australia and New Zealand have much to offer pilots, from spectacular coastlines to a wild and rugged interior. Will, your tour guide, offers local aviation and general knowledge while you explore the region.

Discover Australia and New Zealand includes the Auster J/1 Autocrat aircraft which will take you over Australia and New Zealand’s most notable landmarks and introduce you to some great flying. The missions have been designed to enable you to fly any aircraft you choose, so you can replace the Auster with the aircraft of your choice.

Enjoy your voyage of discovery and watch out for those ‘Roos on landing!


  • 20 Missions with varying levels of difficulty
  • Auster J/1 Autocrat aircraft with exclusive “Discover” livery
  • Flying tips provided in-game by way of voice-based tour guide