The E-2C is an all-weather twin turboprop carrier-borne early warning aircraft that is also used for land-based operations. Its APS-139 radar, mounted in a 24 ft radome, can detect targets as small as a cruise missile at 167 miles, track multiple airborne and surface targets and simultaneously control multiple airborne intercepts. The Hawkeye has been in service in the USN since the early sixties and its engines and electronics suite have been upgraded several times. It is also used by the USCG and US Customs, and versions have been sold to Egypt, Israel, Japan and Singapore.

The E2-C Hawkeye for FSX: Steam Edition represents an E-2C as flown in the mid-eighties and includes plain grey and grey/white colour schemes.


  • Highly-detailed virtual cockpit
  • Animated arrestor hook and folding wings
  • Turboprop sound set
  • Animated oil cooler flaps and crew access door
  • Toggle on/off crew figures
  • 7 different virtual cockpit camera views