Nordborg is a highly detailed recreation of Nordborg/Pøl Airfield and the city of Nordborg, which is situated on the island of Als in southern Denmark.

The airfield has a 666×30 meter grass runway. Nordborg Airfield is located just 1.2 NM north of the city of Nordborg , which has just over 6000 inhabitants – and its own castle, Nordborg Castle. The first Nordborg Castle, built in 1152, was originally called Alsborg and was built on an island in Nordborg Lake.

This airfield does not have an ICAO code, but in this pack it has been giving the fictional code “EKNB”. The airfield is privately owned but is open to all pilots during VMC. The airfield is home to Nordals Flying Club, which has 70 members.

Nordborg Airfield includes a configuration tool, launched via the Steam Tools menu, to switch between different seasonal texture sets. Please note: the configuration tool should not be run when FSX:SE is running.


  • 35 km-square photorealistic ground scenery (28 cm/pixel) with seasonal variation
  • Custom ambient sounds
  • Volumetric grass, flowers, custom modelled bushes
  • Hundreds of hand placed autogen houses, farm buildings and trees
  • High resolution building textures (2048×2048 pixels) based on photos taken on-site
  • Dynamic GA AI traffic
  • Custom modelled objects, cars, farming buildings, warehouses, residential buildings
  • Configuration tool to switch between different seasonal texture sets accessed via the Steam Tools menu