From Lionheart Creations studios comes the Piper Pacer 180, an elegant American classic. This add-on includes four different flight models, three different variations of interiors and instrument panel types, and a large assortment of unique paint schemes including original show condition paint schemes and weathered-bush plane schemes complete with mud, bugs, chips and scratches for a realistic, hard-flown look.

In addition, this pack also includes scenery upgrades to several airports in and around Hope Alaska as well as small lake ports, remote cabin locations in forests and on lakes, camp sites on glaciers, and a crashed UFO site!

Included Flight Models

  • Original tail dragger Piper Pacer 180
  • Original with classic early model instrument panel Model
  • Piper Tri-Pacer with Tri-Pacer panel
  • Modernized and customized Piper Pacer tail dragger ‘Bush’ aircraft with custom carbon fibre instrument panel

Wheel Skirts can be hidden and have three modes:

  • Classic Skirts
  • Modern Skirts
  • Open Wheel with no skirts


  • High-resolution exterior 2048 textures
  • Thirty three variants
  • Four different landing gear models
  • Regular Classic Tail Dragger comes with three versions of main gear
  • Early and modern wheel fairings
  • Tri-Pacer landing gear (two variants)
  • Modern wheel skirts
  • No wheel fairings
  • Modern Bush plane featuring Tundra large diameter tires
  • Float Plane
  • Three versions of ‘instrument panels’
  • Classic early Pacer era with disappearing radios for early versions
  • Tri-Pacer era panel with dual panel sides
  • Bush version modern aircraft carbon fibre add-on with more modernized avionics
  • Disappearing Magnetic Whiskey compass on older version panels
  • ‘Clean Your Plexi!’ cleaning system; click to rotate through three modes of plexi, dirty to clean
  • Classic version aircraft features vintage instrumentation including hide-able control yokes
  • Optional vintage airspeed ‘horn’ on lower left side