Pushing The Envelope is a set of five challenging missions for FSX: Steam Edition. Each will push your abilities to the limit, with a wide variety of aircraft and locations across the globe.

You will need considerable skill to complete these flight tests, ranging from a tail scrape test in the 747 to a high altitude demonstration in the F/A-18.

These missions will demand great skill and ability, and a good background knowledge of aviation theory will be of great benefit.

Some complex topics will be discussed such as aircraft performance and stability. Further reading would supplement this series and expand your flying skills and knowledge.

Produced by a real-world airline pilot, missions are accompanied by full audio commentary, special effects, pre-flight briefing, many additional scenery objects and rewards.

Mission List

  • Crosswind Limitation Test – Boeing 747 at Boeing Field, Seattle, USA
  • African Aid – Douglas DC-3 at Coco Beach, Gabon
  • High Altitude Demonstration – F/A-18 Hornet (NASA) at Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA
  • VMU Test – Boeing 747-400 at Istres Airbase, France
  • Ski Jump Experiment – Maule Orion (Ski Configuration) at Bold Airfield, Anchorage, Alaska