If you’re looking for an aircraft which is a little feisty, needs attention and adds some spice to your flying adventures, then the Rutan Q200 is perfect for you.

The Rutan Q200 add-on features a ‘fictional’ version of the famous 1980s Q200 Dragonfly. The Steam Edition version of the Q200, developed by Lionheart Creations, has a high performance Continental O-200 engine, cruises at 180mph, and features standard instrumentation. This add-on also features 11 theme packs where everything from instrument panels and seats, interior colour themes as well as exteriors are coordinated and treated differently for each aircraft.


  • Extreme resolution 4,096 textures for main important textures like the exterior
  • 3D Raised Instrumentation (knobs and bezels) with 2D high resolution graphics
  • GPS with popup version for visibility
  • High detail surplus F-16 jet fighter control joystick
  • High detail pilot model
  • 2D instrument panel