Samsø is a highly detailed scenery of the complete island of Samsø, located 15 km off the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, Denmark. Geographically the island divides into three areas – the North Island, the South Island and Stavns Fjord. Because of its central, strategic location, the island played an important role in the Viking Age. From Samsø, the Danish vikings could control both the north-south sailing routes along the east coast of Jutland and the east-west sailing routes between Jutland and Zealand and Scania. The North Island is mostly uncultivated and is characterised by cliffs and stony beaches, while the South Island is mostly cultivated and is home to Samsø Airfield with its 695m grass strip.

Samsø for FSX: Steam Edition includes a tool to configure seasonal textures on the 3D models, accessible via the Steam Tools menu. Please note: the tool should not be run while FSX: Steam Edition is running.


  • Highly detailed scenery of Samsø Airfield EKSS and the heliport north of Tranebjerg
  • Custom made buildings and Samsø landmarks
  • Custom made trees and bushes
  • Custom 3D grass
  • High resolution textures
  • Photoreal ground terrain with day/night and season variation