Gamer Simulator

The gamer came to be in the room to get out of this room, it is necessary to play mini games. To open a door to other room, you should find a key which is in each mini game.


In mini games are located the food and water. To receive them it is necessary to approach very close them and then they will take off from the tv screen directly to a hand to the gamer. Also there is a scale of interest in games, it is necessary to play but not to stand constantly somewhere on one place. All levels and games are generated in a random way. The first minutes of game can seem a hardcore but only until you don’t get used to control.

Mini games

At this stage of development are available only 3 mini games:

  • Shooter in which it is necessary to kill all to receive a key.
  • Simple platformer in which the hero always jumps. In this mini game it is necessary to collect 20 items, including food and water to unblock a key.
  • Platformer in which it is possible to change 2d perspectives. In this mini game it is necessary to include all green lamps to unblock a key.