* Note: Each DLC pack may only be purchased and activated once per Gladiators Online account. Previous ownership of items additionally contained in the DLC package does not constitute a valid reason for refund or compensation, so please check them carefully prior to purchase.

Gladiators Online – Rudiarius Pack

From Latin rudis ‎(“wooden sword awarded to veteran gladiators upon gaining their freedom”). The Rudiarius Pack caters to the advancing player who wants to immediately fight in a larger arena, thus earning more silver faster. Your fighters will additionally benefit from the increased regeneration times provided by the medical staff included in this purchase.

Package Contents:

  • Fully equiped level 5 Premium Gladiator (random class)

    The main benefit of a premium gladiator is his free replacement (as purchased) upon death. This means you will not need to either invest or start from the bottom, saving precious time and silver. Additionally, premium gladiators earn more experience while levelling quicker, gaining more fans opposed to standard gladiators – thus improving the level of your “House”, unlocking new content with it. Lastly, premium gladiators have a higher “Potential” rating, allowing them to reroll attribute gains several times in a row – if you have collected enough reroll tokens, that is…

  • Curer, a level 5 Premium Healer

    “I swear by Apollo the Physician, and Asclepius the Surgeon that, according to my ability and judgement, I will apply measures for the benefit of the sick according to the best of my ability”. Acquiring a premium and thus permanent medic should greatly reduce the time associated with healing, specifically for gladiators below and up to the healer’s own level.

  • Strumpet, a level 5 Premium Courtesan

    “As long as you hold off from brides, single women, maidens, the youth and free boys, love whatever you want.” Victory is a fickle mistress and more oft than not it takes a woman’s embrace to restore a defeated gladiator’s failing morale. Purchasing a permanent courtesan for your ludus will aid the speedy recovery of any demoralized man, specifically for fighters below and up to the courtesan’s own level.

  • 15,000 Silver Denari

    The main currency of the game. Silver Denarii (correctly spelled with two i in Latin) are by no means easy to come by, and you should not expect to be showered with free silver during play. A bag of Denari will help you buy all relevant items as well as the potentially life saving combat consumables, not to mention the staff required for training and recuperating your champions.

  • 750 Gold Aurei

    Rare and valuable currency distributed only sparingly throughout the game. Not required to play or enjoy Gladiators Online, yet allowing purchase of masterfully crafted items and exceptionally skilled staff. The majority of these goods are permanent, aiding the player with time and silver saving benefits without unbalancing the game and combat.

  • 20 Reroll Tokens

    Reroll tokens are scarce collectable items granting the opportunity to utilize the gladiator’s “Potential”. Each token allows you to reroll an otherwise final result when assigning a trained attribute point to your gladiator’s preferred attribute category, thus allowing you to further form and specify his strengths. These tokens represent all the extra coaching hours and one-to-one lessons reserved only for the most promising talent in the ludus.