Get ready for a medieval adventure, full of mysteries and brutal monsters.
Play as a little princess who faces against a horde of bloody critters
and an invincible dragon god.
It’s told by the legends that the dragon god is born above the earth and beneath the sky.
She grew up with her father, the king of the north, as a lonely princess without any friends.
With the return of the dragon god, the main chronicle of our heroine princess begins.
Princess Rika holds the answer in her heart.
Welcome to God’s Death and conquer the enigma of the dragon god!

Key features:
-Customize your heroes by leveling, armors and weapons
-Explore a big overworld map to find special places.
-Unique battle system! There are many skills like magic and items: Killing the enemies with trashy and hard attacks makes a funny experience.
-Music and tunes by the great music artist Andreas Meilicke