The economic prosperity and the transparency of the political process of our clockwork-town became known far and wide, and gremlins from the neighbouring machines and mechanisms took close interest. Now on our streets you can routinely encounter famous politicians, engineers and various treasure hunters who came to visit our town in the hopes of finding fame and fortune. So let’s put together our best effort into making sure that these arrogant uninvited guests don’t get even a single coin!


  • 12 new character portraits of the uninvited guests that you can use during the sessions in addition to the regular ones;
  • 6 additional animated emoticons (including ‘Facepalm’, ‘Meh’ and a singing & teasing emoticon);
  • 8 additional messages that you can send during the sessions (including ‘Cheating!’, ‘Watch and learn’ and ‘Not funny’);
  • an alternative music theme for the main menu (that is reportedly a huge hit at one of the neighbouring mechanisms);
  • several themes to customise your player profile;
  • an additional optional player icon for the lobby, plus an alternative background for the main menu.


We remain committed to the principle of continuously updating the game with new features (e.g. special character abilities) and new content (e.g. new cards, new Misfortunes) that come in the form of regular updates that are FREE for every owner of the product.

At the same time, from time to time we create and release fun stuff (animations, character portraits, alternative music themes) that is not related to the game mechanics, as paid DLCs. If you like it, you can support our efforts by your purchase. However, there is absolutely no pressure to own any of the DLCs in order to play the game or compete in the tournaments.