Off the M62 Between Leeds and Manchester lies Grimsfield* – a market town in the North of England. In this point, click & natter adventure you will gob your way through a number of ginnels**, working men’s clubs, and underground temples***. You take on the role of a poet**** whose job it is to cut through copious amounts of red tape in order to make it to the open mic night down the local beatnik club.

* trademark
** alleyway
*** only 1 of each of these
**** knob

Grimsfield takes the form of a kafka-esque short adventure game set across a number of mini dioramas.

You, dear gameplayer, can expect the following:

  • Enter a world of rules and bureaucracy, where even the rules have rules!
  • Navigate this experience as a layabout poet whose only concern is their own ego.
  • Visit over 1 type of office in your quest to overcome legislation.
  • Talk to lots of irritating and occasionally amusing characters.
  • Role play what it’s like to be a bit of a bell end.
  • Multiple Endings
  • One definitive ending.
  • Network like a pro