Play as the prehistoric hunter named Oog Oog, throw your spear, pick it up and throw it again.

  • Full gamepad support for xbox one/360 with key/button remapping.
  • 2 player local CO-OP.
  • Fast exploration and hunting.
  • Hats cause hats are awesome.
  • Roguelite features: procedurally generated terrain, resource management to survive including basic farming and buildings. Single player permadeath.
  • The size of the character relative to the screen and the jump height.
  • The lack of inertia in movement, in-air and on-ground.
  • Horizontal-only firing.
  • The fact that he spins while jumping.
  • Holding the jump button makes him jump repeatedly.
  • Jump height relative to button soft or hard press.

Check your game folder for the awesome Habitus wallpaper SteamAppscommonHabitusWallpaper