The Duke’s hands were scurrying through the pages. Creepy flames sparkled in his eyes while they raced to find the desired verses. “Where was it? Ghaaar!” A few dead soldiers lay in front of him. Their shields crushed, their spears broken, their bodies dismembered and rotting, it was a macabre scene. “Finally! UMEN – NAGHIR – ITIR – SIMEN – SAKH!” – he threw the book away and repeated the incantation. Green clouds of mist covered the corpses. Sapless joints began to pop, bones started to crack. The awoken zombies grabbed their wretched weapons and looked dully at their sire. “Morning, boys! You slept well? Come on! Lord Nefaros is waiting…”


One preconstructed deck – Duke’s Zombies (1 hero + 60 cards)


Swarm your opponent with endless hordes of zombies. Keep the pressure on by making them deadly with your Undead Necromancers, and if that isn’t enough, you can always rely on Duke Harsford to raise them back and keep the party going.

List of Cards


  • Nefaros, Aspiring Necromant


  • x4 Zombie Legionnaire
  • x3 Rotting Remains
  • x4 Abhorrent Ghoul
  • x3 Insatiable Ghoul
  • x2 Duke Harsford
  • x3 Mesmerizing Spirit
  • x4 Undead Necromancer
  • x2 Necromantic Cult
  • x3 Succubus


  • x3 Noxious Fumes
  • x4 Consume Spirit
  • x2 Tombs of the Damned
  • x2 Reanimate
  • x2 Infernal Tribute


  • x2 Sanctum of the Void
  • x2 Haunted Cemetery
  • x15 Corruption Shrine