Hey anglers, Happy Independence Day!

In fact, this 4th of July is the 240th Anniversary of this great American holiday! But what are the first things about this day that come to mind aside from its historical significance? Probably fireworks, the national festivities and of course a wonderful opportunity to spend the day out fishing!

That’s why Fishing Planet created this special 4th of July DLC Pack that features all of the limited edition Independence Day goodies like the patriotic UncleSam™ Spinning Rod, star-spangled BornAmerican™ Fishing Jacket, historic AmericanEagle™ Casting Reel and much much more!

So don’t miss the chance to liberate your fishing spirits and give a festive patriotic air this annual celebration with our Independence Day 4th of July DLC Pack!
4th of July DLC Pack includes:

1776 CREDITS use the Credits to purchase new tackle, pay for fishing trips, repairs and any other in-game expenses.

50 GOLD COINS use to purchase advanced fishing tackle, available only for Gold.
Spend your Gold wisely!

7-DAY PREMIUM Enjoy seven days of Premium Status and advance your game progress by getting a 50% boost to Experience earned for every fish you catch!
RODS‘N REELS Independence Day combos for a liberating fishing vacation!

UncleSam™ Spinning Rod
Length: 6′ 3″; Lure Weight: 1/2–1 3/4 Oz.; Power: Heavy; Line Weight: 6–21 Lb.; Action: Mod Fast; Pieces: 2; Guides: 7

LibertyCast™ Casting Rod
Length: 8′ 10″; Lure Weight: 1/5–5/8 Oz.; Power: Med Light; Line Weight: 3.5–10.5 Lb; Action: Moderate; Pieces: 2; Guides: 9

Patriot’sDream™ Spinning Reel
Ratio: 5.0:1; Recovery: 35.5″; Capacity: mono 20/100, braid 30/135; Max Drag: 19.8 Lb.; Ball Bearings: 9+1; Weight (Oz.): 13; Drag: front

AmericanEagle™ Casting Reel
Ratio: 6.4:1; Recovery: 27.5″; Capacity: mono 4/100, braid 10/100; Max Drag: 9.9 Lb.; Ball Bearings: 5+1; Weight (Oz.): 9; Brake: centrifugal

EQUIPMENT – Some valuable items of the limited Independence Day collectible edition!
JulyForce™ Rod Case
BornAmerican™ Fishing Jacket