Heartomics 2:
This version of Heartomics is a game where you raise a hero then you go explore with said hero. The game revolves around the hero performing various activities, such as strength training, attending the school of magic, taking art lessons, practicing an instrument, etc.

The game is designed to give you literally no instructions on how to play or what to do. I have read that a video game is a direct reflection of the developer. I am sorry.
So far every person that has played this game while in development ended up in a rage. Hmm… wait that’s not true. I did watch one person do a Let’s Play and have a lot of WTF moments but I don’t think he played long enough to want to hurt the developer of this game.

Long story short.. I came home and my very own wife was furious with me because of this game. You have been… warned?

Maybe the game will work out as a gag gift to troll your friends.
-“You have been gifted with a copy of Heartomics 2”
-“Oooo how exciting.”

Heartomics 2
Goal: Find the queen.
Tip: If stuck talk to Chloe like 10x when you are fed up with playing the game.