Holodance is a collaborative multiplayer Virtual Reality rhythm game designed for the HTC Vive. Think of Holodance as 12 music videos that you can enter and play with. But those are not just a flatscreen 2D videos as we know them from the old age: Instead, Holodance is an actual reality that you can immerse yourself in by hearing, feeling and seeing! In Episode 1: Dancing with Dragons, a group of dragons came to Earth to dance with you, your friends and yet to be made friends to take you on a very special journey through rhythm, melodies, time and space. They came here to find out one thing: Are you ready to write a new history for the future?

All music is composed and produced specifically for this VR experience using binaural audio so you can locate each instrument in the space around you while catching those rhythmic orbs the dragons throw at you.

How to tune into the music

Holodance is fully controlled with motion tracked controllers designed for VR and there’s different ways of catching notes that match the instrument of a given track. For percussive instruments like drums, the notes come flying towards you in the form of orbs that you just need to catch in the rhythm of the selected instrument track. Notes for softer instruments come towards you as paths in 3D space that you need to follow with just the right pace. Finally, for those ready to master this game, there are stationary orbs that you can tap in any sequence – you just need to get the rhythm right.

Collaborative Multiplayer

Holodance is designed to be played collaboratively with up to four players. So you can play songs together with friends or strangers who will then become friends. Everyone’s score is added up, so the more people you have in a session, the higher the maximum score. Each song has four playable instrument tracks, so that is why up to four players can enter a session simultaneously.

Beautiful Environments

Holodance Episode 1: Dancing with Dragons comes with 12 levels, each with its own music and environment. The dragons take you through three stages of land, air and water that could be captured at different times in history. After those first 9 levels, you will experience two very different levels in a potential future setting – a future you may want to change now. And in Level 12, you might find out how, when you finally meet the Blue Mother of all Dragons.