HomeBehind is a roguelike game where you play as a refugee. Your main purpose is to survive all the hardships along the road, keep moving on, and finally get to Europe.

The civil war has finally broken out… Your peaceful home has been ruined by the rebel army.Your daughter also went missing in the chaos!For you life is a daily struggle for survival. Are you ready to survive the hunger and disease, overcome the hardships during the journey, finally get to Europe and find your family members?

  • A roguelike game where everything along your road is generated randomly.
  • Keep minding your mood, hunger and thirst! You may also suffer from several diseases,from influenza to fracture.
  • Experience the ultimate test of survival as a refugee. The distance to Europe, is 3000 km.
  • 15 unlockable jobs with different starting states and unique bonus.
  • Constructed character developing system, including statistics,skill trees and equipment.
  • An exciting real time combat system. You have to pay attention to the timing of attack and defense.
  • A large number of random events, NPCs and indoor scenes to be encountered, in which you may find supplies, fight against different enemies or meet another refugees.
  • A full alternation of day and night, along with weather system.
  • Hundreds of items to loot. Unique handmade weapons and armors.
  • An interesting crafting system. Search for materials and craft your own equipment.
  • Numerous kinds of foods, drinks, and a complete cooking system:insect? lizard? or Beef Bourguignon?
  • Various kinds of enemies, from wild animals to the rebel army and challenging bosses.
  • Realistic storyline which is worth exploring.