A vehicle building sandbox?

Homebrew’s exactly that, and more, it will challenge your creativity and building skills while giving you the tools and freedom you need to realize your dreams. Our building system allows you, the player to think out of the box and explore the world with custom built vehicles.

The game is developed with three core values in mind.

DREAM: There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the lack of freedom!
Homebrew allows you to realize your dreams and let you dream even further!

BUILD: With the right toolkit your imagination is the limit!
The building system allows the non experienced and experienced players to build without restrictions and bring their ideas to life.

ENJOY: Take all the time you need to roam the vast lands of Homebrew!
Test the acrobatic skills of your vehicles and push your creations to the limit. Let your friends be a part of your adventure, play online and explore the secrets within the world together.

Key Features:

  • Customizable and realistic parts to ensure your freedom while building
  • Land, air and water challenges (courses)
  • Parts include: weapons, wings, helicopter parts, hovercraft parts, …
  • Building system designed for experienced and less experienced players
  • Pipe-building system that allows you to customize your vehicles even more
  • Compatibility and customization for gamepads/joysticks/keyboards,…
  • Multiplayer that supports vehicle sharing
  • Vast map to explore and test your creations
  • Water and realistic aerodynamics

Homebrew is an open sandbox and for us it will be in a constant state of development. Some content will be added, while some may be removed to improve the overall experience.

Planned Features:

  • Tons of new parts
  • Boats and submersibles
  • New plate and armour building system
  • More customization features
  • Complete UI rework to make everything more user-friendly
  • Mission Creator so players can easily build their own challenges
  • Sharing vehicles and other user-created content online
  • More and bigger maps
  • Storyline that will turn Homebrew into a living world

So in a world without a goal, are you ready to make your own?