What if you woke-up from a nightmare, only to find yourself in another? A nightmare filled with rooms of your worst fears, images of your worst thoughts, long forgotten memories? House of Nightmares does just that! Each floor depicts a different nightmare, a different fear, filled with puzzles and creatures all placed there by the same figure who brought you to this place.

A B-Movie inspired game, based off of the Developers own nightmares and memories, delve into a house filled with monsters, puzzles, scares, and turmoil. Can you handle the house, or will the house handle you?

Several floors- each unique in layout, puzzles, scares, monsters, sounds, paintings, memories, and secrets.

-Over 50 unique paints, no 2 being the same

-simple controls for maximum playability

-A maze-like level design to add puzzles to the puzzles