Package Contents

  • 1x Calamity Card (new alt art)
  • 2150LP
  • 15x Collection Penta Packs (75 total cards)
  • 8x Faction Penta Packs (one from each faction, 40 total cards)


  • 8 Avatars (Agent Coyle, Skraar, Risen of Avarrach, Hinekri, Dark Wish, Bromich, Patient Zero, Xi Ascended)
  • 3 Battlefields (Supply Depot, Red Refinery, Cathedral of Flame)
  • 3 Card Backs (Steel Genesis, Vicious Verore, Dawn’s Banner)

Bonus Items

  • 15x Rift Run Tokens
  • 10x 24 Hour 75% IP/XP Booster