Instinct is an open-world survival game based in the brutal Mesolithic period which will take your survival skills back to the primary stages, where you will have to face off with the world around you. The Mesolithic era was dark, where the only safety you possessed was within your hands – whether that be in the shape of an axe, or the form of a torch.

Within Instinct, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between 5 separate class which give you different buffs and nerfs dependent on the class chosen. You and your companions will be responsible for collecting/farming resources, crafting special items and building up a secure base to protect yourself from the hostile AI that roam the world. With 64 player online/co-op server support, you and up to 63 others can survive within the same harsh environment.

Early Access note: Please do bear in mind that Instinct is an Early Access game, you may encounter minor bugs and incomplete features but no game-breaking bugs should occur whilst playing. Optimisation is an on-going process and players should rely on the recommended specifications in order to persue a smooth playing experience overall.