Jack, who refers to himself as The Jackal, scrounged the industrial ruins to build his Trapper arsenal. To pack a punch, Jack duel wields two pairs of pistols, enabling him to reload one pair while firing the other. To track and trap the Monster, Jack uses a hacked Survey Satellite to locate enemies and his Repulsor gloves to stop the Monster in its tracks.

Survey Satellite

Use a hacked satellite to locate and damage enemies in a circular radius. The Survey Satellite not only tracks the Monster, it can damage it, too!


The Repulsor applies a pushing force along the beam’s path. The beam can be bent to push in different directions. Use this to protect teammates from a distance.

Dual Pistols

You have two sets of pistols that can be used for continuous firing. When one pair’s charge runs out, the other pair will be ready to go.

Mobile Arena

Energy dome that traps the Monster and Hunters inside.