Control a Lightball in it´s journey back to home.
Solve Riddles&Clues to find the right path.

Game Features

  • +1Hour Story, 7 Chapters
  • Explore the beautiful forest
  • Sit back and relax in this slow-paced game
  • Find the right path by solving clues

    More About The Game

  • Journey of the Light might be one of the Hardest games on Steam.
  • At the beginning of each Chapter, you are given one sentence, and that is your only guide
  • There are various hints across the forest, but these are hard to find if you don´t know where to look from
  • Playtime is approximately +17 Hours
  • “Opinions seen in the video, has been received from beta players of the Journey Of The Light”
  • Can you solve all 7 Chapters?*

    *Game might be hard sometimes, check out the Community Hub for guides
    (Or be the first to write one!)