The Just a Cleric OST is finally here!

When The Booger Myers Band shows up, the WORLD SMASH HITS just keep on coming! Written and performed by yours truly, I try to push music to the LIMITS OF BEARABILITY FOR ALL. Included are 39 songs and pieces of music straight from the game:

Just a Cleric!
Big G Theme
Temporary Party
Dead Pals
In Town
Drink Up!
P.P. Smith
Buy the Stuff!
Enterprising Wizard
You Died!
Creepy & Weird
Big-Ass Tree
Giant Cricket
Big Boss
I Play Drums Too!
Sand in my Shoes
Bird Poo
Goblins R’ Us
Ninjas Are Awesome
Fishing Time
Make Way For Failure
The Dark Cave
The 299
Escape the Bees
Golden Knight.. Hee Hee
Castle of (A-Hole)
It’s Cold!
Piggy Wagon
Volcano Vs Pale Wussies
Surfin’ Cleric
Stop Dragon My @ss Around
You Won The Game!
Super Boss!