Kabitis in Bibou’s Game

Dron, the cyborg and evil present in Kabitis game, invaded the land of
game Bibou to capture the Blue Bird. Now Kabitis joined Bibou and
together will collect the blue crystals to turn off the barriers that Dron
placed in each area and try to rescue the Blue Bird of the “claws” of Dron.

This is a DLC available in two versions: Version ‘A’ and version ‘B’.
Both explore areas of Bibou game without spikes, and they have some areas
different from each other.
And instead of collecting the Yellow Stones (present on Bibou’s game),
this time Bibou with Kabitis will collect the Blue Crystals (present on the game Kabitis).
Also this DLC make part of the story taking place after the events of the games
‘Kabitis’ and ‘Bibou’ indirectly.

Both Kabiti’s game like Bibou’s game is available on Steam.