A balanced starter kit for King’s Bounty players. Take command of a squad of powerful creatures from the beasts faction – at a discount, no less!

The beasts are powerful indeed. They are creatures who live in the vast expanses of the realm, indomitable and capable of crushing any opponent. Sea Devils are incredibly agile and full of initiative, Thorn Hunters and Royal Thorns provide excellent firepower, Brontaurs are renowned for their exceptionally durable hide, while Dragons can heal their allies and incinerate enemies with lightning bolts.

Buy the kit and master the power of beasts. You will get 5 types of your chosen creatures to form a battleworthy army, and, as a bonus – Royal Aura for 7 days.

Creatures in the kit:

  • 3 Emerald Dragons;
  • 16 Sea Devils;
  • 10 Royal Thorns;
  • 20 Thorn Hunters;
  • 12 Brontaurs.

Royal Aura yields:

  • +100% gold;
  • +10% leadership;
  • twice as many resources after combat.