A balanced starter kit for King’s Bounty players. Take command of a squad of powerful creatures from the kingdom faction – at a discount, no less!

The sight of orderly battle formations, shining armor, swords tempered in hundreds of battles, vibrant flags and inconspicuous hoods of the kingdom’s best healers is enough to send any creature that ends up in the army’s path scampering off in horror. Swordsmen make up the brave infantry and the core of the kingdom’s war machine, overwhelming the enemy with numbers and excellent training. Archers can slow down foes with icy arrows. Inquisitors and Archmages are adept at suppressing the enemy at great distances, as well as boosting allies. Champions are the heavy cavalry, capable of breaking the enemy army’s ranks and stunning their opponents.

Buy the kit and command the kingdom’s forces. You will get 5 types of your chosen creatures to form a battleworthy army, as well as Royal Aura for 7 days.

Creatures in the kit:

  • 7 Champions;
  • 13 Warlocks;
  • 13 Inquisitors;
  • 20 Swordsmen;
  • 41 Archers.

Royal Aura yields:

  • +100% gold;
  • +10% leadership;
  • +100% resource drop chance