Lands of Hope Redemption is a massive 2D RPG with MMORPG elements, play with hundreds and even thousands of your friends OR simply play as a lone wolf. At the start of the game you are free to choose one of our template classes or build your own class and be unique!

An unfortunate shipwreck leaves you stranded on a small sandy island, with only vague memories of your past and a bizarre chest half buried in the sand. As you explore the island you hear stories of a war to the east and your destiny is set in motion …


  • Real time movement
  • Turn based combat
  • Over 60 skills
  • Hundreds of combat powers
  • Tens of thousands of item combinations
  • Crafting
  • Questing
  • Groups (Cooperative and otherwise)
  • Guilds
  • Pets
  • Player housing
  • and much much more ….

Lands of Hope Redemption is now available on Steam.

Further Details

Over 120 maps currently exist in the game, these range from sunny beaches to dank dungeons, from sultry forests to frozen mountain tops!

Players are free to level up through gathering resources, questing, fighting and crafting and can unlock new skills from level 21 onwards.

There are numerous cities in the game where players can often find specials quests, mailboxes to post items to friends / alts and player housing.

  • Oasis (Level 21) (housing nearby)
  • Smugglers Cove (level 55+)
  • Hasumachi (level 75+) (housing available)
  • Stormybrooke (level 150)
  • Asagarth (level 190+) (housing available)