The Leadwerks Zombie Character Pack provides you with a horde of undead monsters to slay. Fight your way through the flesh-eating mob or pit them against each other in an all-zombie brawl to the death. All characters are fully scripted and ready to use in Leadwerks, with no programming required. Just drop them into your map and press play!


  • Five zombie character models from various walks of life.
  • Idle, death, walk, run, and two attack animations.
  • All associated materials, textures, and sounds.
  • Integration with default Leadwerks AI script.

Installing the DLC

To install this DLC, select the “Workshop > Browse Workshop” (or “Manage AddOns” in Linux) menu in the main window. Select the “Subscribed” tab and choose this DLC in the list. Press the Install button, and the DLC contents will be added to your current project.