From the wreckage of Shear comes Ida Lennox. Her specially designed revenge machine, The Thunderchild, gives her the power to take on a monster in hand to hand combat. Her Plasma Lance whip can combo for additional damage, while her Autocannon can crush enemies from far. Lennox’s Thunder Strike shrinks the gap to deal damage up close.

Plasma Lance

A melee whip that increases in damage with each consecutive hit, doubling in power each time.


This anti-aircraft inspired weapon hits hard at range and remains accurate while jetpacking.

Thunder Strike

A jet boosted leap that closes the gap on enemies and deals a heavy blast of damage.

Personal Shield

Don’t trigger your Personal Shield too early. Your medic can heal you back to full health while you’re shielded, so don’t be afraid to take a few hits before activating it.

This content is part of the Hunting Season 2 and will be available to Evolve Hunting Season 2 purchasers in game.