** Featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “Indie Arcade” exhibit. **
** Featured in the IndieCade East 2014 “Show and Tell” event. **

The goal of Let There Be Life is to chill out and relax.
The challenge is to grow trees the way *you* want.

Let your creativity and inner-artist take over, designing trees and protecting plants across the game’s 34 levels.

Featuring fun and interactive wildlife in a calm watercolor environment, Let There Be Life can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old!


– Adding leaves increases the health of the trees, but…
– Plants on the ground below will die if in too much shadow!
– The farther you extend branches, the more health is added by new leaves.
– Mushrooms like shadows, and a fully grown mushroom resets the light for nearby plants.
– A variety of playful wildlife to unlock and interact with throughout the game.