Jump in to a party-style adventure game, bash down monsters within a minute, grab some loot and save the day!
Lootfest is an action adventure game, in 3rd or 1st person view. Random generated voxel world with a fantasy setting.

Current early access features:
-Contains 15 levels with monsters and bosses.
-Voxel Editor, change the terrain anywhere.
-Model editor, modify any in game model.
-7 weapon classes.
-You got access to all debug tools in the game, for easier playtesting and bug reporting.

Technical Facts
Input: Keyboard, Mouse & Keyboard or any controller
Big picture mode: Yes
Rebindable keys: Yes, for any input device.
Multiplayer limit: 4 local splitscreen, 80 online
Supported resolutions: All
Multiple monitors: Yes
Max framerate: 144
Max Field of View: 120
Anti aliasing: No
Offline gameplay: yes
Engine: XNA/C#
Development team size: 1

There is a manual in the game root folder, Steam client>Game library>Lootfest, Right Click the game>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files…