This is an exploration based horror adventure game.
 Take control of protagonist Aya, making use of the items you find as you proceed through the story.


– The story’s heroine. She does her best to ignore her father’s “research”.


– Aya’s father. Every night he performs cruel experiments in the basement of his mansion.


– Aya’s mother. She passed away one year ago.


– Aya’s father’s assistant.


– An enigmatic salesman who appeared abruptly before Aya.

Blonde-haired youth

– A mysterious boy who offers Aya guidance.


Item that can break apart objects made of wood.

Command action

Press key/button as displayed on the screen to escape from ghost’s attacks.


Key item. They are hidden in many locations. If you collect all of them…

Multiple endings

It is possible to see 3 endings to this game.

The player’s actions determine which ending is shown.


Undead that chase and attack Aya. If she is caught she will lose stamina, resulting in Game Over.
Be warned: corpses armed with a weapon can cause instant Game Over.

 Since the free version, I have added new content for an advanced “Mad Father”. I hope you enjoy it!

See the news for the detail of updated contents!