This is the official soundtrack for “Malus Code”, in 320kbps MP3 and FLAC format. Take a thermophilic venture into a blend of electronic rock, electro dance, mysterious ambience, and more in this feverish soundtrack composed by Jaelyn “chibi-tech” Nisperos.

01. 被験者 ~examinee~
02. Admission
03. Ascertainment
04. Dissection
05. Inoculation
06. Incubation
07. Traumatization
08. Maliginance
09. Resolution
10. 被験者 ~examinee~ (カラオケver.)

All tracks composed, engineered, and produced by Jaelyn Nisperos.

Track 1 & 10 Credits:
Lyrics: RyoRca
Composer/Arrangement: Jaelyn Nisperos (chibi-tech)
Singer: Yano Masashi
Vocal Director: RyoRca
Song Director: RyoRca