Greenlight Reactions to Mars 2030

“I want it so badly I think I just ate my hand” -Quattro

“More like Mars 1983. Love this!” -lilmookie

“I need it” -VincatVanGogh


Experience the real dangers of outer space travel in the advanced spaceship the U.S.S. Armstrong. Fully equipped with Auto-Nav, Twin Ion Drives, Charged Particle Shields, and Dual Mass Drivers. Each mission to Mars, the United Space Society selects the four best astronauts available for the task, but you decide the fate of each and every one of them!

Key Features

  • Mile-for-Mile Earth to Mars Simulator
  • Outer Space Hazards: Micro Meteors, Asteroids, Radiation, and more
  • 100’s of possible crew combinations
  • Random Name Generator
  • Detailed Ship Repairs and Spacewalking
  • Terminal Green Interface
  • Media Room Featuring: Starbase Mars. A space station defense mini-game with unlimited levels.
  • Crew Perks, like Hardware Engineer and Space Medicine
  • Help prepare for the journey using Extra Storage
  • Choose the reactions of your crew to avoid crisis and doom
  • Optional Simulations: Manufacture defects & launch failures
  • Keyboard, Mouse, limited USB, 360, and touchscreen support