The SSF (Super Save Files) pack features 3 amazing savefiles for the RPG Moonchild to boost your adventure!

Calypso Super Queen (Save3.rxdata)
Have Queen Calypso and Gabriel start at Lv20 and with a boost in gold.

We are an Army (Save4.rxdata)
Start the game with ALL the characters in your party, including hidden ones.

We are an Army and Susanna is our Leader (Save5.rxdata)
Play the game in Hard Mode with ALL the characters in your party, and your Caller Susanna also has all her summonings from the beginning.

How to find the extra content

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon
Then select the game folder, then the “SSF” folder.

or from the Steam Client:
Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files

How to use

Copy/paste any of the provided savefile to:
C:Users[Your Name]AppDataRoamingMoonchild_Saves

If asked to overwrite, either make sure the savefile you’re going to replace with the new
one is not an important one, or else change the number of your savefile to a free one.

If you receive a warning message about achievements, ignore it.